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Choosing where to have your wedding and reception is not only one of the first things you should do, but also one of the most important. You should choose a place that reflects who you are, your values and interest. There are a myriad of locations where people choose to celebrate this day because every person is different.

There are a few factors you should consider when choosing these sites: the style of wedding you will have, when you would like to have the wedding, religious beliefs, the size of your wedding, etc. You could also choose it based on what you have been dreaming about your whole life, or you could just like a location for its beauty or some other attribute.

Here are some common places to hold a wedding:



Unique Ideas


Church/ Synagogue

This is the more traditional place to have a wedding. Many people feel like it is not a wedding if it is not in a church. This view, of course, is changing, but many people still choose this route, especially if they are affiliated with a specific religion. I am a Baptist, so I got married in the church I had attended for 10 years. Churches can be very beautiful and serene, especially if decorated. They will always remain a very popular place to get married.

Wedding Hall

There are many alternatives for couples who do not want to get married in a church. One such option is the wedding chapel. These are buildings you can rent which are designed with the specific purpose of holding a wedding. They are usually little chapels and many include a reception area with or without catering capabilities. Although not found in as many places as churches, more are springing up.


For an inside wedding, you can also rent a ballroom or large conference room in a hotel. These are plentiful and are often very beautiful and expansive. They work well for both a wedding and reception and usually provide their own catering. One can usually find a nice hotel in his or her area, which is nice if there are no churches or halls available. If considering this option, be mindful of the cost. Many hotels charge a great deal of money to rent their halls and are usually more expensive than the above mentioned sites.

Private Residence

If you have ever seen the movie, Father of the Bride, you know that having a wedding at your home is also another option. While most people do not think about it, weddings at residences can be very beautiful and practical if you have the right kind or house for the type or size of wedding you wish to have. For one thing, you do not pay a rental fee, which can be quite costly. Also, your house is a place that represents family and nostalgia and having your wedding there can make it that much more memorable. On the other hand, having it there might cause more work on your part because you will have to handle more of the little details.



For many people, getting married in the beauty of nature is the ideal choice. Outside, many people feel closer to God or they are inspired by the splendor that nature can display. For whatever reason, many people choose to get married in a park or garden. There are many choices, and they can usually be found in all areas of the country.


For those who live in coastal areas, a wedding on the beach is an added option. Many people feel that the beach is one of the most beautiful places on earth, which makes it a popular wedding location as well as a honeymoon vacation spot. This site usually is perfect for a small, simple wedding.

Country Club/Golf Course

Another beautiful location is a country club's grounds or golf course. Although this is usually an expensive route to go, it does make for beautiful pictures. A golf course's green landscape is very serene and sophisticated, which is a nice atmosphere for a wedding.

Unique Ideas

Sky Diving

There are many unique ways in which people can get married. One such way to have an exciting wedding is to do something daring like sky diving. Although it seems quite impossible, many couples have decided to take the "plunge" in this way. You can say your vows as you fall and then have a formal stating of them on the ground in front of your family and friends. This event would surely be one to remember.


From the air above to the sea below, couples find many ways to get married. In contrast to the previous way, many avid divers prefer to "tie the knot" underwater. This is very interesting because the vows cannot actually be spoken. In order to complete the vows, the officiant usually points to a tablet line by line, while the couple nods up and down. The couple then will usually kiss by taking off their masks for a brief period. Like skydiving, the couple can say the vows out loud in front of their friends and family afterwards. 


More down to earth people might find the prospect of a wedding underground in a cave quite appealing. Caves are very solitary and serene, but can also be very dark. For this reason, light will have to be brought down, but this can be accomplished for people who really want to get married in a cave. Just keep in mind that it can be damp and cold, so dress appropriately.

Walt Disney World

One of my favorite places to go is Walt Disney World. If I did not have so many people to invite, I probably would have had my wedding at Disney's Wedding Pavilion overlooking the Magic Kingdom. It is very beautiful and is complete with every perfect detail Disney is known for. If you are a Disney lover like myself, I would recommend having your wedding there. The main thing you need to consider is the cost. As you probably know, Disney charges a lot for its services. If you plan on having many guests, it could be quite expensive, but it is a nice thought for those that can afford it.

As you can see, there are many choices to consider when trying to locate a place for your wedding and reception. Some are traditional and common, while others are unique and creative. These that I have mentioned are only a handful. Conceivably, a person could get married anywhere, as long as the proper arrangements can be made.


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