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The purpose of this page is to provide students and younger people with information about getting married. Planning a wedding is an exciting time in everyone's lives. There are so many things to coordinate from picking out a wedding dress to deciding on a menu at the reception. One's life can start getting hectic because of all of this. It can be particularly overwhelming for a young person, especially a college student. They not only have to plan all of these things, but they also have to juggle a busy schedule and try to maintain good grades at the same time. I know about this first hand because I have gone through it. I was married on December 29, 2001 while still in college. I know how wonderful this time can be, but also how stressful it can become. I hope this site provides you with some helpful tips and information on marriage and planning a wedding from the point of view of someone like yourself. I hope your wedding and marriage is everything you dreamed it to be.

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