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Although there are many traditions and protocols that are usually followed in a wedding, the main characteristic of  a wedding in today's society is that a wedding can be anything you want it to be. The choice of the style, location, and events of the wedding are entirely up to the bride and groom. This freedom was not so available in past years, but it is becoming more and more accepted. For instance, if a couple wants to dress up like clowns and get married, it can be done. Here are some common unique contemporary ways couples make their wedding day special:

Theme Weddings

Weddings Abroad

Misc. Ideas

Theme Weddings

One trend in weddings today is the theme wedding. This is where the couple chooses a unique wedding format that reflects something they are interested in. The theme can be anything, as long as it is planned the right way. These weddings are often very fun and memorable. Although weddings can have any number of themes, there are a few that are more popular than others.


This is one of the most popular theme wedding. The reason for this is most likely because most women have dreamed of the perfect fantasy wedding ever since they were little girls and heard about Prince Charming. In this type of a wedding, the bride usually dresses up as a princess of some sort. Sometimes the groom and attendants also dress up. Some couples also ride away in a carriage, and some brides even wear shoes that resemble glass slippers. There are many possibilities for transforming your wedding into Cinderella's world. Although my wedding was not as elaborate as this theme can be, I had somewhat of a fairytale wedding. The headpiece of my veil was a crown, and we decorated the reception hall like the inside of a castle. It was very beautiful and embodied everything I had dreamed of.


This theme is similar to the fairytale theme in that it sometimes involves dressing up like royalty, yet, in this theme the dressing up is trying to replicate what people of that time used to wear. Along with the attire, what is said and done tries to approximate a renaissance or medieval wedding. The menu that is chosen reflects the food eaten during that period. Also, in many of these weddings, only the wedding party dresses up, but in some instances, the guests even dress up in order to play up the reality of the theme. If you are really into this time period, you might consider this option as a unique idea for your own wedding. It would make your day all the more special and fun.

Star Trek

If you are a Star Trek fan, you might want an intergalactic wedding. Some trekkies do just this. They dress up in star trek uniforms or other character costumes and have their attendants do the same. Being a star trek fan myself, I attended a convention a few years ago and actually overheard a couple who was planning on having such a wedding. The groom was going to dress up like Captain Picard and the bride like Deanna Troi. They were also going to have Ferengis and Klingons as their attendants. So, if you really want a wedding that is "out of this world," consider this as an option.


Some people have "country" in their blood and they love it. These "down home" people might not be happy with a done up, elaborate wedding. Instead, they are content with having a wedding that reflects the laid back people that they are. These people often choose to have a country wedding in which they dress up in cowboy and cowgirl attire, often complete with cowboy hats and boots. Such weddings are often outside in the open air and try to capture the spirit of the wild west. There is something to be said about country charm and appeal.


Weddings Abroad

Another big trend in weddings today is having a wedding in another country. This is usually called a destination wedding in that the destination is the ceremony site and honeymoon all in one. This can take place anywhere as long as the arrangements can be made. Many couples decide to do this to make their wedding extra special. In most cases, it is a private affair because it is expensive to fly a lot of people out of the country. Others, though, decide to include their family and friends regardless of the cost. Many destination weddings come in packages where the details are taken care of by a coordinator. In others, though, you would have to plan the details. One of the most important things to remember is the requirements to make a marriage legal. These are different in all countries, so you must make sure your ceremony falls in line with these. It is good to know, however, that if your marriage is legal in another country, it is also legal in this country. I think that if you have enough money to do this, this is a very unique and special idea to make your wedding memorable, however, it is probably not practical for a college student because of the cost and planning involved. Even with a coordinator, this kind of wedding is sure to tax your time especially if you are taking a heavy load. I do hope that if this kind of wedding is your dream, you will be able to achieve it.

Misc. Ideas

Aside from outrageous themes or locations, there are other less involved creative ways to make you wedding special. You can do anything you want to that is meaningful to you. Here are a few ideas:

    Ask special people to read or sing: To add a little more depth to the ceremony, you could have special readings or singing. The readings could include special poems, scripture, or passages that reflect what you believe in and reflect who you are as a couple. I had my grandfather read a passage out of the Bible and one of my mother's friends sing. It made it more special than just saying vows and that is it.

    Have your mother and father escort you: Many couples today are asking both of their parents to walk them down the aisle. This says that both of your parents are involved in the process of letting go of their daughter. It is also an honor for the mother as well as the father. Although I did not do this at my wedding, I think it is becoming a nice tradition.

    Write your own vows: This is one idea that really makes the ceremony meaningful. Instead of going with the same vows that are always used, try writing your own. You can either write separate vows and then surprise each other on your wedding day, or you can write them together. This is what we did. I was very glad we decided to do this because I did not want to say vows that had been used so many times before. If you like to be unique, this is a very good option.

    Incorporate cultural traditions: If your family belongs to a different culture or has an interesting heritage, you might want to add some of those traditions to your wedding as well. There are so many different ways to celebrate a wedding all over the world, and it is very interesting to see how these different cultures celebrate. Whether you are Jewish, Greek, Hispanic, Oriental, etc., you can honor your past as you step forward into your future.

As you can see, there are many different ways to personalize your wedding and make it unique to your tastes and preferences. Even if you do not wish to do anything elaborate, just adding a few personal touches can make all the difference in the world.


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