Happily Ever After: Jenny and Bill's Wedding Page
        December 29, 2001

Happily Ever After:
Jenny and Bill's Wedding Page

Ariel and Eric


Welcome to our page!
Bill and I are so glad that you chose to share this momentous occasion with us. Wow! I cannot believe the wedding is already over. Bill and I had such a good time. The wedding was everything we dreamed it could be and more. It was perfect. We want to thank everyone for their support during this important time in our lives. We want to especially thank our parents and the bridal party for making everything come together so beautifully. Thank you so much.We could not have done it without you. Bill and I also had a wonderful honeymoon and are now enjoying the married life. It is wonderful. Well, I hope you enjoy our page. It is under construction, so please be patient. I will try to update it as frequently as possible. Also, please feel free to visit my other page:

Diznoid's Crazed Disney Obsession.

Hope to see you around and God Bless!


Below you will find a link to a page with all of the information you need to know about our wedding and reception. Remember, I will be adding more to the romance periodically, so come back often.

Darien and Serena

Wedding Day Info.

Wedding Photo Gallery

Mickey Mouse

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Please feel free to ask us questions about the wedding, us, or anything else. We will do everything we can to provide insightful answers and to respond in a timely fashion.


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